Why Staffing Agencies Can Play a Critical Role in Helping Companies Find Talent


For many businesses, it can feel impossible to find skilled, qualified talent, quickly. Between the costs in time, effort, and money, finding candidates can be significant.

Engaging the services of a staffing agency like Phyton Talent Advisors may be the right solution to quickly recruit and hire the talent you need to achieve your goals. You can increase your chances of finding the right candidate for the job and your company by working with a reputable staffing agency that specializes in the industry or field where you’re looking for talent.

Having a solid understanding of what a staffing agency is, what they do, and who typically works with the agency is a great first step as you begin exploring whether it is the right solution for you and your organization.

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency recruits candidates on behalf of a company to fill job openings on their teams. The positions can be full-time or part-time, temporary, contract-to-hire, or on a direct-hire full-time basis. Staffing agencies check references, screen resumes, shortlists candidates, schedule interviews, and place candidates at the employer’s behalf.

Is a recruiter the same thing?

A recruiter and a staffing agency are similar, the terminology is slightly different. A recruiter can work as a standalone, but most of the time they work for a staffing agency. They help find qualified, dedicated, and invested candidates for a job vacancy, and work to meet the demands of both the employer and the employee. A recruiter reviews the applicant’s credentials, and evaluates them based on their professional presence, skills, and other determining factors.

Who works with a Staffing Agency?

Depending on the organization, either the hiring manager or HR business partner will work directly with the staffing agency on specific positions to fill. Heads of Talent Acquisition teams and Managed Service Providers (MSP) also work with agencies as they look to fill positions for contract workers.

What are the benefits of working with a staffing agency?

Companies gain value from an agency beyond meeting staffing needs. A staffing agency offers companies the ability to:

  • Reduce overtime costs: By filling roles quickly, companies can balance the workload and avoid the need for overtime hours.
  • Larger pools of talent: Staffing agencies have a larger network of available candidates that they have already identified as dependable, and reliable. The network that staffing agencies maintain is a broad one from which they can tap potential employees who can fill any position an employer might have or anticipate.
  • Engage in a “trial” period with an employee before making an offer to add them to your payroll.
  • Ease of Hiring: Staffing agencies remove the complexity of sourcing candidates, posting jobs, evaluating their resumes and applications, phone screening, verifying skills, etc. Companies simply submit a job order, and the staffing agency takes over. They only send candidates who meet and exceed expectations and who are fully aligned with the role.
  • Speed: Hiring employees can take an average of 30+ days. The more specialized the role or the higher up the ladder, the longer the process can take. A speedy but accurate hiring process can be difficult for most businesses to achieve. Partnering with a staffing agency solves that challenge. Staffing agencies have a built-in pipeline of passive and active talent to draw from immediately. If they do not have a match in their system, they can source new candidates quickly because they have the bandwidth and the infrastructure to move quickly to fill openings accurately.

Ready to partner with an expert staffing agency? 

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