Using Social Media To Be A Better Candidate and Employee


The whole world is consumed with social media. According to a survey by GWI, users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking platforms. Yikes!

Like it or not, social media is a huge part of people lives right now, and regardless of the wasted time you spend watching those cute puppy videos, there is such a thing as using social media to boost your career. We put together 5 things you can do that will make you a better candidate and employee.

1. Follow Your Industry
Follow leading publications or associations in your specific industry. This will keep you up to date with news, trends and discussions. Use that knowledge to impress your boss, co-workers, or hiring manager.

2. Get A Headshot
Is your LinkedIn photo a cropped picture from a night out? Is it blurry or just something quick you uploaded? Trade it out with a nice professional image of you in front a simple background. Having a nice photo that is clean and professional goes a long way.

3. Write A Personal Bio
Having a great summary is essential. It should sum up your professional history, qualifications, and personality. Don’t forget to add a little spunk to it so you stick out from the rest.

4. Connect, Connect, Connect.
The beautiful thing about social media is the ability to quickly connect. Find alumni in your field, friends from high school, or past co-workers and send them a short, personalized message asking to connect. You never know what they can offer you.

5. Google Yourself
So, we know this isn’t technically ‘social media’ but it is still covered in the online realm and it is still super important. Hiring managers will Google you, so type in your name and see what comes up. Is it a really old profile from college where you are chugging a beer? Get rid of it.