Tips to Prepare For Video Interview Success


Video interviews have become common protocol amid the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting talent acquisition teams like Phyton Talent Advisors to adapt their recruiting processes for a remote world.

Taking a video interview, especially for first timers, can be a bit intimidating. Some individuals have a discomfort with being on camera. Rather than viewing the video interview as a burden, view it as an opportunity to create an environment and visual aesthetic that portrays how you want to present yourself.

Phyton has put together a handful of tips and advice to set you up for success on your next video interview, so you’ll look and sound professional.

Choose a spot for the interview where you can control the surroundings. Make sure it is a spot that is quiet with good lighting. Also prep your computer set and try not to sit too close to the camera. The general rule is that you want your head and shoulders to be visible. (Leave about 10-20% of the screen empty above your head.)

If possible, do a practice run with a family member or a friends prior to your video interview. This will give you time to test your audio, video, and internet connection. Use the same software as the interview so you are familiar with how it works and all of the functions.

Although you’re not going into an office to meet, you still need to dress appropriately for a video interview. Wear the same professional clothes that you’d wear to an in-person interview. Also – don’t wear plaid or stripes—they can be very distracting on camera.

Some of the benefits that you get when you are at in an in-person interview, like being able to really exchange and understand verbal cues, are much more difficult when you are on a video interview. With video interviews you have to be a little more animated and expressive than you would in person to convey your enthusiasm.