The Most Common Misconceptions About Recruiting


If you are seeking a new position in the job market, chances are that you will chat with a recruiter. Being in the staffing industry, we’ve heard our fair share of misconceptions about recruiters. Regardless of the abundance of resources that recruiters offer, getting the wrong ideas keep many job seekers from utilizing recruiting services. You’d be surprised how common misconceptions can lead to not leveraging the power of recruiters.

Recruiters are an important and valuable function in a person’s quest for a new a job and advancement in their overall career.

Misconception #1: Recruiters Only Care About Filling Roles
You heard right, recruiters don’t get paid until they fill a role, but the goal is always to fill the role with the right talent.

If recruiters place a candidate that doesn’t have the skills to succeed and grow in a role, that candidate won’t be happy—they will lose confidence in their recruiter and their ability to assess what position is the best fit for their candidate’s background. Because IT recruiters work on a referral basis, just “filling” a role has consequences on their success—they lose referrals by just “filling” a role.

Not only can potential referrals be lost, the relationship with the client could be affected. Leadership may not come back with additional orders if connected with a candidate that’s not suitable.

Misconception #2: Recruiters Only Present Candidates with the Highest Salary
Recruiters understand that job hunters are interested in more than just compensation. Many candidates would choose to work at a company that pays less if the company offers great benefits and an exciting company culture. Recruiters will work to understand what perks you want in your job and find opportunities that fit your needs.

Misconception #3: Recruiters determine whether or not you get the job.
While recruiters may help out with screening some candidates, they do not have the final say when it comes to hiring. Higher level mangers usually decide whether or not you make the cut. Recruiters help you get in the door, and it is your job to bring it on home!

Misconception #4: Recruiters are only for unemployed people or people struggling with their job search.

Today, with the majority of resumes, applications, and job boards all being online, it can be hard to make a personal connection with the company you’re looking to work for. This is where a recruiter can be an asset. Why add your resume to the stack of online submittals when you can have it hand delivered directly to the hiring manager? Working with a recruiter gives you a direct path to the hiring manager. An interview isn’t guaranteed, but at least you will have the confidence that your resume was seen and reviewed.

Misconception #5: Using a recruiter costs money
Job seekers never have to pay reputable recruiting firms. Employers are the ones that hire and pay recruiting firms. The Recruiter is actually the first hurdle you must jump to get to the employer. Employers hire Recruiters and staffing agencies because they’re incredibly well networked; they’re like a second set of arms for HR managers.

So at the end of the day, you want a recruiter in your corner. Recruiters possess a deep understanding of the job market. They know what compensation is being paid at a variety of different companies. Many are experts in a specific field and have long-standing relationships with key decision makers. They will be aware of jobs that are not widely advertised. Top recruiters will help you spruce up your resume, prep you before your interviews, sell the hiring managers on your abilities and negotiate the offer. They will be your friend, confidant and chief cheerleader. The team at Phyton Talent is not transaction-focused. We seek to build and maintain long-term relationships that could span the rest of your career.