The Mission Case for Diversity and Inclusion


There is strong support for the conclusion that diversity in both leadership and the workforce are essential for maximizing effectiveness and impact. Research states that companies with a diverse workforce, especially within the senior management ranks, outperform their peers over time.

Diverse companies have proven to be more capable than their counterparts in attracting top talent, developing stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders, improving decision-making and innovation, and increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. Incorporating a diversity of thought and perspectives into a company’s approach to solving problems and furthering its mission helps that organization achieve better outcomes.

Diversity alone, however, is not sufficient to achieve these performance advantages. The power of diversity is greatly amplified in companies that value differences and cultivate and empower diversity of thought within the company. A culture of inclusion is not only essential to equitable and fair practices, but, when coupled with diversity, inclusion enhances mission effectiveness and innovation.

Diversity and inclusion success metrics:
The Forbes Insights survey found that 60% of companies have metrics in place to measure the success of their diversity and inclusion efforts.

The most popular success metrics are:

  • 77% said employee productivity
  • 67% said employee morale
  • 58% said employee turnover

Senior executives are being held accountable for their diversity and inclusion programs performance through:

  • 66% said performance reviews
  • 51% said bonuses
  • 48% said business/department reviews
  • 42% said salary increases
  • 41% said promotions

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is an essential business practice that high-performing companies prioritize — building environments that help their employees thrive.

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