The Advantages of Hiring Contract Workers


In an era of shared workspaces, freelancers, consulting, and working from home, the number of contract workers is constantly growing. Currently, employer demand is stronger for flexible work arrangements and contract workers — a trend that is likely to continue growing.

We put together some of the benefits organizations see from employing contract employees:

  • Flexibility: Hiring becomes much more flexible when working with contract employees. You can bring on staff quickly and with less paperwork than if you were hiring a permanent employee. Due to the Coivd-19 Pandemic, a lot of companies are utilizing this flexibility to hire contract workers as they navigate the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and their hiring needs.
  • Cost: Contract employees can help reduce overall staffing costs, including medical benefits, vacation time, and sick pay as well as costs associated with onboarding and professional development.
  • Perspective: Because contract employees are not ‘inside’ an organization, they can often bring a fresh perspective and suggest new and innovative ideas.
  • On-Demand Talent: Companies needing a specialized skill set for a specific project may not wish to take the time to train new or current employees. They can hire contract employees already experienced with the necessary set of skills and there is little to no ramp-up time to get going.
  • Try Before You Commit: When an organization hires a contract employee, they can trial the individual for a possible full-time role. Some companies will hire contract employees to learn if they have what it takes (skills, personality, drive, etc.) to become full-time employees.

“When you decide to engage a contract employee, remember they are an employee of the staffing agency like Phyton,” said Tony Martinez, Managing Director for Contract Services, Phyton Talent Advisors. “The staffing agency is responsible for recruiting, screening, skill testing, running background and reference checks, payroll, taxes, unemployment, benefits, etc. This inclusive service provides significant savings to the employer, and by an agency handling these time-consuming processes, companies are free to focus on their core business responsibilities.”

There are many benefits to hiring contract employees. In today’s ever-changing times, contract employees can act as the most economical solution. Phyton Talent Advisors has over 20 years of experience working with firms to hire contract employees. We have an extensive and proprietary screening process that allows us to provide organizations ideal candidates based on their talent needs.

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