I want to switch careers, what do I do?


Periods of uncertainty can cause individuals to reassess their priorities, and with the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic over the past year, many individuals started thinking about switching their careers. A recent study by Prudential found that due to the pandemic, individuals started reevaluating their jobs and skillsets, and more than a quarter of those surveyed plan to make a change this year.

A career change isn’t easy but staying at a job that’s not right for you isn’t any easier. Phyton Talent Advisors has put together some helpful tips for those thinking about or getting ready to embark on a career change:

When is the right time for a career change?

Whatever the motivation for your career change, there are a few revealing signs that will imply the time is now.

  • Bored: Do you have a lack of drive or enthusiasm for your role and/or the industry you are working in? If every aspect of your job is dull, you know it’s time to make a change.
  • Only in it for the salary: Working in a job that you hate but pays well is not worth the payoff. A career change could give you the chance to land a job that brings personal and professional satisfaction and still pays your bills. Moreover, it is likely that working at something that motivates you, will result in high performance and rewards.
  • Not satisfied: When was the last time you felt inspired by and proud of my work? If you can’t remember, it may be time to switch it up.

For many, the biggest challenge in a career change is uncertainty. They want to change, but they don’t want to risk the security in their current job (salary and benefits). At Phyton Talent Advisors, we have the tools and resources to help you successfully change your career.

  • Identify your strengths: Identify which of your core functions can carry over into a new field. Your goal should be to find a position that allows you to work in your sweet spot, an intersection of what you do best and what you love to do most.
  • Do Your Research: Take the time to think about what you really want to do and the role you want – it will save you time and effort in the long run. The more research you do, the better position you’ll be in to make the right decision.
  • Update Your Resume: Reframe your work experience and package your transferable skills in your resume. Let the resume reflect more of your skills and capabilities , rather than just listing past experiences.
  • Network: Start building a network in your target industries. Connect with friends and experts already flourishing in your chosen industry. You’ll find more success and connection in networking when you seek out the opportunities that align with your personality and your current career goal.
  • Lean on a recruitment/staffing agency for help: Working with a staffing agency like Phyton Talent Advisors will help guide you in making an action plan, boost your confidence, re-define your career goals and recommend courses or training you may need.

Phyton Talent Advisors can assist with:

    • Tips and advice on how to change careers
    • Share industry-specific information, including details on market trends and in-demand skills
    • Knowledge of job opportunities in your field of interest
    • Provide job interview tips and resume guidance
    • Present your qualifications to potential employers

When you get a better sense of how to change careers, Phyton Talent Advisors can match you with temporary and contract-based work that can help you build transferable skills and gain experience in your new area of focus if needed.

Connect with a Phyton staffing specialist today to help you on your path to a new career.