Hot in Hiring: Tax Accounting


There is no doubt the pandemic impacted the business world and presented many new challenges. Specific to tax and accounting professionals, these challenges include navigating new loans available for companies and employees, changes in tax deadlines and looming changes with a new presidential administration. Companies are relying heavily on tax and accounting professionals to help them navigate these new challenges and it has created a surge in the need for tax preparers, reviewers, analysts, and strategists.

Why are these recent changes important to the accounting and finance employment market?
Head of accounting and finance recruiting at Phyton Talent Advisors, Michael Bernstein states the need for tax and accounting talent has increased. Because of this newfound need, it has provided Phyton Talent Advisors the ability to place tax and accounting professionals in much better positions, both level and functions, of new jobs. Firms are also more flexible on matters like salary and backgrounds they will consider for certain roles. This has allowed candidates to get hired in roles they probably would not have been considered for in different times.

Phyton Talent Advisors advice to profession in the industry, strike while the iron is hot! “As things start to return to a new normal, the demand may decrease back to pre-pandemic levels and the opportunities that are available now, may no longer exist,” says Bernstein. “We understand that the idea of making a move to a new job during the pandemic and the busy tax season might be nerve-wracking, however you could be missing out on a truly unique career opportunity by not exploring the market at this time.”

While the road ahead for the economy is uncertain, the role of a tax and accounting professional remains clear. For more information about Phyton Talent Advisors and how we can help your firm find the best talent, contact us today.