Recruitment Agencies Focused on Diversity and Inclusion


The workforce is changing and calls for greater diversity in the workplace have increased exponentially. Now is the time for organizations to focus on diversity and reinforce inclusion not just in words, but in practice.

Phyton Talent Advisors believes that a diverse and inclusive workforce enables innovation. We pride ourselves on helping firms realize their potential through workplace diversity.

What the stats show:

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, there is still work to be done. McKinsey reports that a third of companies are achieving real gains in diversity and inclusion. However, “the majority are remaining static or declining—even where their leaders have articulated noble aspirations for inclusion and diversity.”

  • Ethnically diverse leadership teams are 36 percent more likely to be profitable
  • The most ethnically and culturally diverse boards are 43 percent more likely to experience higher profits
  • 68 percent of C-level executives are white men; 4 percent are women of color
  • Black, Native American, and Latinx women earn 25 percent less than White men

Diversity, equity, and inclusion do not just happen organically. It must be cultivated and requires an investment of time and resources.

Over the past year, Phyton has put together a number of blogs on Diversity and Inclusion. Take a look at some of them below. If you want to learn more about our diversity and inclusion solutions and talk to one of our team members, contact us at 212-797-1144 or email us at today.