Benefits of Temporary Employment for Job Seekers


For job seekers, looking for a job usually means full-time, permanent roles. However, a temporary role can offer many benefits — both short and long-term. Today, temporary positions are more plentiful than ever, and are a strong vehicle for individuals who are not natural networkers or interviewees to demonstrate their skills.

We have put together a handful of benefits that come with temporary employment:

  • Improve Your Resume: A temporary position may offer the opportunity to learn new skills or gain needed experience in an area where you may be lacking.
  • Expanding Your Network: A temporary role means meeting new people at all levels of an organization. Widening your network of contacts can lead to additional opportunities, either internally at the current company, or externally through a larger group of contacts.
  • Flexibility: Temporary roles usually have more flexibility and individuals maintain a healthier work-life balance since they tend to work fewer hours.
  • Bridging the Gap: On average, it can take six weeks to find a job, and the job search can take even longer depending on the type of job, location, experience, etc. A temporary role can help to provide continuing income during your job search, while also filling the gaps in your resume while you are look.
  • Lead to a Permanent Role: If you are after something more permanent, many temporary roles can lead to a permanent position, especially if you prove yourself to be invaluable to the company.

Temporary positions can be a great way for candidates to take the next step on their career path: providing flexibility and variety, while allowing a candidate and a company to try one another out.

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