The importance of feedback in the interview process


Today’s candidate market is competitive. Organizations are competing to find and attain top talent for their teams. And surprisingly, more often than not, the process of providing feedback to the staffing agency working to find that top talent, is overlooked.

Providing feedback to your staffing agency is imperative for hiring success. However, without feedback, organizations aren’t taking advantage of what the staffing agency can offer you: the best possible candidate.

We have put together the top reasons why feedback is important during the interview process:

  • Increases the chances of hiring the right candidate: Every organization with a hiring need wants to hire the right candidate. Drawing out the process in an effort to find the “perfect candidate” is not the way to do that. Instead, a streamlined hiring process that’s characterized by consistent feedback and decisions based upon correct information represents the model process for successful hiring.
  • Reduces miscommunication: Miscommunication is one of the main reasons that things can go askew during the hiring process. That’s because miscommunication leads to misinformation and misconceptions. A successful hiring process is based upon correct information. Providing regular feedback results in correct information, and correct information results in better decisions.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of the staffing agency: The staffing agency has extensive knowledge that can be instrumental and very valuable throughout the hiring process. However, your staffing agency needs consistent feedback throughout the process for their value to be fully realized. Your staffing agency wants the same thing that you want—for you to hire the best candidate available for the position. Consistent feedback allows them to help you accomplish that.

While nearly all companies collect interview feedback, most miss out on the opportunity to use it to improve the recruitment process. Make interview feedback a competitive advantage by exchanging it with your staffing firm. They will appreciate your effort, and you will have your choice of top-tier talent.

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